Wheel and tires safety

One of the most important safety critical components on cars and trucks, is the pneumatic tire. Vehicle tires primarily control stopping distances on wet and dry roads and strongly influence over-steer/under-steer behavior in handling manoeuvres of cars and trucks. The inflated tire-wheel assembly also acts as a pressure vessel that releases a large amount of energy when catastrophically deflate.The tire can also serve as a fulcrum, both directly and indirectly, in contributing to vehicle roll-over resulting in fatalities and serious injuries to road occupants.

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Wheel Retainer

Introducing New technology for wheel safety to ease safety check inspection procedure for improving accuracy and precision .Wheel Retainer a ringed shape structure That sits onto wheel nuts to prevent from loosening under road pressure (Vibration, heat and braking) while the vehicle is in motion and attaining their clamping force.

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Bolt indicators

Are small pointed tags,which are fixed to the lug nuts of the wheels of large vehicles. The tag rotates with the nut, and if the nut becomes loose, the point of the tag shifts noticeably out of alignment with the other tags. If too many lug nuts are loosened, the wheel can detach from the wheel stud, loose wheel nut indicators allow identification of loose nuts before this can occur,in order to aware the driver.

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