About us


Our Mission

Supporting safe environment for business, offering a variety of equipment and devices to ensure reliability and durability for on-site inspection. Leading to the Reduction of Human Error rates and Enhancing personal safety and Commercial vehicles safety. Through Complying With Global Safety Standards.

We believe that we are not only a service company, but we are a business partner to all our clients, no matter their scale of business, performing our maximum effort to satisfy them, measuring our success with their success.

Quality of consulting and technical support is the most important factor of our service. 
- Safety-line employees are all up to date with variable specifications, standards and available options worldwide in order to fit with clients requirements and satisfy their needs. Our highly trained managers are working to achieve the best results.

Our vision

We believe that safety-line is one of many companies in the Egyptian market for safety devices, especially in the trucking safety field. Safety-line aims to focus on a specialized field in safety equipment and devices for trucking and transportation safety, as it is also considered to be the origin for incidents , Fatalities and Loss of Assets. Building and operate the most innovative and high quality service in Egypt to meet and exceed customers aspirations for unique solutions. our long-term vision depends on our team's ability to surpass client's