Wheel Balancing Weights

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Safety Line Wheel Balancing Weights was established in 2003 in Cairo, Egypt in cooperation with one of the world's leading wheel weights manufacturing companies. We specialize in manufacturing of wheel balancing weights for lights vehicles including cars, vans, small buses and light trucks. Our products are made of carefully selected raw materials and are designed and manufactured under the highest standards to guarantee to our customers best performance and durability.


         Product Types

  • Lead Clip-on 5 grams to 60 grams. ( 5gm ,10 gm ,15 gm , 20 gm ,25 gm ,30 gm ,35gm ,40 gm ,45gm ,50 gm , 55gm ,60 gm ). 
  • Iron Adhesive 5grams, 10 grams each Strip is 60grams (5 gm x 4, 10 gm x4)
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